Shoot Off Muzzle Cap Covers For M-16 AR-15 ( 5 COUNT )BLK




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(5 Count)

Current Issue US Military Shoot off Muzzle caps

These will work on most AR-15's with m16 style Flash Hiders

Will also work on Ruger sr-22 Flash Hiders

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  • Model: Q2-5ct
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  • Star Rating
    By: Amazon Reviews June 06, 2016
    They are what they are. There's not much to rate about these little things. They keep dirt and moisture out of the barrel while you're walking around, they shoot off if you forget to remove them without harming your weapon, and in this case come in a pack of 5 so you've got a few spares.
  • Star Rating
    By: Amazon Reviews June 06, 2016
    We used these to protect our M-4s when I was on active duty as a combat controller. Some guys actually shot through them which is okay because you don';t have time to mess with taking it off when your getting shot at.
  • Star Rating
    By: Amazon Reviews June 06, 2016
    Fits my Bushmaster XM15 M4A3 flash suppressor perfectly. (Now I just have to remember to take it off before I shoot, maybe that's why they come in a 5 pack.)

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