5.56 .223 Stripper Clips Factory New (150 Count)

  • By: Roger Belt
    These stripper clips are outstanding! Loading mags is so much easier.
  • By: Richard Tomlinson
    These stripper clips work great and hold the shell tight. New and has nice brass. Just like they were advertised.
  • By: Joseph Strain
    These stripper clips are great! They are new as stated and work like they are supposed to. No issues at all and at a fair price and fast shipping to boot!
  • By: Nelson E Campbell III
    The stripper clips are as advertised, "Brand spanking new". The last time I saw any in this condition was when I got stuck on ammo detail in the Army. Not only is the quality first rate, the shipping is fast. I won't even look anywhere else.
  • By: Lance Johnson
    These strippers are perfect and just as advertised (Brand New)