5.56 .223 Stripper Clips Factory New (30 Count)

  • By: scott moye
    Got product in 3 days just what i needed and ordered .. Great service
  • By: Alan Robbins
    These are first rate. Shipping is super fast. When I made my first order I also ordered from another western state supplier of gun products the same night. I had my clips in my hands in 4 days and the other place took 10 days to put my stuff in the mail. Super service. I am a customer for life.
  • By: Amazon Reviews

    Just what was needed and shipped very quickly
  • By: Brian Pachuilo
    Products were exactly as described! Why pay more elsewhere? Shipping was exceptionally fast as well.
  • By: Michael Fowler
    These work great. Have bought others from Big Name supplier and they are junk. Will be buying more here.
  • By: edward thacker
    this is my 3rd order for these strips. before finding gun and surplus i had been using nc star clips.these are by far superior with the nc star ammo would come loose and fall out..these fit great and hold the ammo in place..ill be back for more