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NEW 2016 production stripper clips Factory new stripper clips. MADE IN THE USA BY A MAJOR CONTRACTOR TO THE US GOVERNMENT STRIPPER CLIPS I.O.T. LOADERS VARIES BETWEEN K.S.W.,IOT AND G.G.G. LOADERS BANDOLIERS ARE VIETNAM ERA 7 POCKETS, STAMPED WITH DATES FROM 1970-1988 These are a 100% new repack kits Picture on listing shows old used bandoliers. Current bandoliers are new WHAT YOU GET PER ORDER 1 : NEW 7 POCKET BANDOLIER 14 : NEW IOT STRIPPER CLIPS 7 : NEW 2 clip style CARDBOARD INSERTS 1 : NEW LOADER ENOUGH TO HOLD 140 ROUNDS


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    By: Matthew Gehl May 09, 2017
    Came as described, but also came with a stripper spoon. Everything was new and in great shape!! If you're an everyday kinda guy and never used stripper clips before like me, buy these, they're awesome!! Odd you don't see more of them at the range, save a ton of time..... more of it for shooting!!! Oh, and don't buy more mags for range trips, buy more of these and save the money.... for more ammo for shooting!!!
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    By: Amazon Reviews May 23, 2016
    Exactly what I needed for properly packing and storing.
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    By: Amazon Reviews May 23, 2016
    Makes for handy storage and reloading magazines. Good price and on time delivery.

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