7.62X39 SKS/AK-47 US Mil Spec Stripper Clips (1CT)

  • By: Ryan Adamic
    Fast shipping! Finally, stripper clips that actually work flawlessly for my Russian SKS.
  • By: Liandro Alvarez
    Best stripper clips you could buy! with this grey European sks/ak-47 stripper clips your ammunition do not fall off even if you rattle them. I have this cheap black NCstar (made in china) stripper clips and the ammunition falls out every time I try to pick them up. This European made stripper clips fit and feed well on my 1954 Tula Russian SKS. I highly recommend them you won't regret it. Little tip coat the stripper clips with a light coat of gun oil and the feed even better!
  • By: Dan Hockensmith
    I bought a 10-pack of these off eBay after 1st wasting my money on those awful Chinese stripper clips from NC Star. I had a couple of late-1990s Chinese clips and they were made like these European clips, stamped to spec, unlike the current garbage from the People's Republic. The European strippers fit right into my Tula '54 SKS with zero problems and work equally well with brass and steel cases.
  • By: James Sidwell
    I'm going to disagree with the previous reviewer in his comments about Yugo. He implies that Yugos are "junky" and will use any stripper clips. My Yugo would not use any that I bought from AIM or NCStar, or other milsurps from Ebay.
    BUT THESE FIT PERFECTLY! If you have a picky Yugo, like me, buy these clips. Perfect fit!
  • By: Michael McHugh
    I was skeptical as I pay half as much for the clips I normally use ... But the clips I normally use do not fit my very early Soviet SKS without modification ! these are a perfect fit right out of the box ! If you have a Yugo or other "junk" gun save you money and buy the junk clips ... but if you have a pickier rifle these seem to be made much better ! 5 Stars !!!