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Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA to be used to start your campfires .Our goal was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival fire starter in the world and we have absolutely done it! These New Models are AEROSPACE QUALITY! Our Aurora Fire Starter? (Patent Pending) is a true survival tool and will work in any environment that will support life! Always be prepared! Our Aurora Fire Starter? will start a lifetime of campfires for most users.Four models are now available both equipped with a built-in striking blade and ferrocerium flint steel rod with magnesium within its composition - yielding sparks as hot as 5000 degrees F. This Black 2SA model comes with our great super alloy Striking Blade installed that can be flipped over or sharpened if dulled

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    By: CARL L MOORE June 10, 2011
    Black Aurora Fire Starter, with the newer blade; I ordered two of these. One I gave to my son...who I love very much( or I would kept both for myself-they are just that good) That it lited one of the enclosed cotton balls on the second try...amazed both of us...enough that I had to give him one of the two ordered! He was very pleased. Although I entend to also buy the "Blast Match" I will order several more of the Black Aurora with the newer 2Sa Blade. It is a MUST-HAVE for any BUG-OUT-BAG If you are thinking about buying one...Get Two ! Carl L Moore 06 JUNE, 2011

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