5.56 223 Stripper Clips cardboard inserts 3 Clip Style 10 Count

  • By: Richard Tomlinson
    Great customer service and the 5.56 cardboard inserts are of great quality. Thanks for a great web site.
  • By: Richard Tomlinson
    Very nice and the shipping was fast. I cut a wood block and slipped the cardboard box over the wood and used a glue gun to form the end. Perfect. A 50 cal. ammo can holds 780 rounds. I will buy more.
  • By: Paul Vadasz
    Good quality inserts and work in my five pocket bando's. Use strapping tape to secure the bottoms.
  • By: edward thacker
    Hi let me say these are great quality for holding your stripper clips..my 3rd order and ill be back for more...these hold up great..i have even got a few of them damp and they held together great.get these